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What Are The Benefits Of Conduit Bodies?

May. 17, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Conduit Bodies?

The conduit body is one of several methods, and you can put the conduit together. Through the conduit body, you can enter the inside of the raceway to pull, inspect and maintain the electrical wires. When you can better control the wire, your system can work effectively.

They can also help move the current direction of the wire, or bend the wire to a certain direction. You can also use the conduit body to connect the wires. Wire splicing is the joining of two wires together so that they can carry more current.

The conduit always stops at an electrical box or box-like device. You can connect the conduit body to the conduit with special fittings. The raceways are boxes, wires and connectors. The conduit body you should connect depends on the type of conduit. Connect the plastic conduit to the plastic box, and connect the metal conduit to the metal box.

Our accessories are easy to install and provide additional fire protection for your electric raceway. They can also be automatically extinguished in the event of a fire.

How to install the conduit body

For the installation of the conduit body, you will need another person to help you. One will be the coach and the other will be the pull. The trainer feeds the wire into the access point of the conduit body, and the puller pulls the wire from the other end.

Group wires together: Instead of clumping the wires, tie them to the tool before grouping the wires together, you use to put the wires in the conduit. Use a fishing strap to connect to the wires that need to pass through the conduit body.

Push the wire through the conduit: Use lubricant so that the wire does not scratch the hub. Push the wire slowly so as not to obstruct the wire.

Bend the wire: A pull loop is formed in the conduit body. The curvature between the two tension points cannot exceed 360 degrees. Doing so may damage the insulation. Instead, you should strive to keep your conduit in a straight line.

LR conduit body

What is LR conduit body? It adopts lr shaped body, the inlet is aligned with the inlet, and the outlet is on the right. When the conduit needs to change direction, they are attached to the inner mold c conduit body. The LR conduit body is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

LL conduit body

LL-shaped body is adopted, the air inlet is aligned with the air inlet, and the air outlet is on the left side. You can use this type of conduit body to bend 90 degrees in the conduit running. The conduit body contains two conduit hubs with detachable gaskets for easy access to the wires.

LB conduit body

With the lb-shaped body, the inlet is aligned for access and the outlet is on the back. The slb (service l-shaped body) is similar to the l-shaped body, but shorter. The water inlet is flush with the overhaul cover. Electricians use these conduit bodies to pass the circuit through the outer wall.

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