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Conduit Bodies

Conduit Body is produced accurately and it is not easy to deform, flat and smooth, and the shape is standard after strict surface treatment. Commonly used in petroleum equipment and electrical equipment.

SDH Conduit Body

From 2012 our factory SDH begin to produce the electric fittings, at first we produce conduit body, including (LL, LR, LB, T) with malleable iron, then enlarge the other items. Now we can produce the Guat, bushing, EYS, Lt connector with lugs, lt connector without lugs, union, enlarger, close nipple, drain breather, cover, aluminum lugs etc. The surface we mainly make now is electric, but also can make with hot-dip galvanized firstly then electric. Also for the new item we also have the experienced to open the mould, if you are interested, welcome to contact us.

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