According to casting wall thickness and material grade to choose chemical composition

In order to meet the requirement of customer, Shijiazhuang dong huan malleable iron castings co., ltd has been developed new malleable iron fittings. For the chemical composition of raw material we have some summarize.

The C, Si, CE and Mg values of the casting should meet the key dimensions of the casting. The sectional size of the casting determines the cooling rate of the casting, while the chemical composition and cooling rate jointly determine the metallographic structure of the product.  

Both ferrite cast iron and pearlitic cast iron require Si (changing the Content of Si means changing the CE) and MN.

Castings can be classified as one of two substrates according to their chemical composition, which means that there are at least four ingredients to achieve the desired chemical composition in the production of different grades of thin-walled and thick-walled parts.  


1. The weight of various ingredients can be calculated by multiplying the weight of molten iron produced by the % % of the ingredients added.  

2. The content of MN is deliberately set at a low level, because in ferrite nodular iron, even when the content is low, it can promote the production of pearlite, in pearlite, high MN content is easy to cause the segregation of MN in pearlite, using Cu to make the hardness to meet the predetermined requirements is a better choice.  

3. Silicon carbide can be added to reduce molten iron oxidation and protect furnace lining (general adding amount is 0.2%), it can play a part of the increase in C and silicon effect.  

4. The absorption rate is mainly for C and Si.  



Post time: Mar-08-2022