Casting workshop safety management regulations reference

Safety production management has always been a topic of concern and discussion in many industries and fields, and in the production process of casting such as multi-process and multi-equipment, should be paid more enough attention.Casting is more easily than other industries to occur some unexpected industrial accidents, such as smash, impact, crush, cut, electric shock, fire, suffocation, poisoning, explosion and other hazards. In this case, how to strengthen the safety production management of the casting workshop, improve the safety awareness of the operators, and strengthen the safety education of the operators is particularly important.

1. Major risk factors in casting workshop

1.1 Explosions and burns

Because of the casting workshop often uses some metal melts, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas and some dangerous chemicals, the most easily is explosion and can cause burns and scalds. The cause of the explosion and caused by burns is mainly due to the operator did not operate in accordance with the manufacturing procedures, and the storage and use of dangerous chemicals were negligent.

1.2 Mechanical Injury

In the modeling operation, it is easy to slip the lifting object and smash the body, causing injury. In the process of manual core making, due to careless operation, the hands and feet will be injured during the handling of the sand box and the core box. In the process of pouring ladle and pouring, the phenomenon of "fire" may occur, which will cause fire.

1.3 cuts and burns

In the process of pouring, if the pouring is too full, it will overflow and cause burns. In the sand drying operation, the process of adding medium or dredging can cause burns or flame burns on the face.

2. Strengthen workshop safety management

2.1 Pay attention to safety skills education and training

Workshop level safety education should be based on the actual situation of workshop operators, strengthen the training of safety awareness and operational skills, focus on solving the problem of safety awareness of operators.

2.2 Strengthen the control of the whole process of casting production

First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the daily spot inspection and inspection of the casting production equipment. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the operator and standardize the safe operation of the operator, for example: before pouring, it is necessary to confirm that the casting mold, chute, and the caster should measure the temperature according to the process requirements before pouring.

2.3 Strengthen communication and contact with other enterprises

By strengthening communication and contact with other enterprises, learning their advanced workshop safety production management experience, combined with their own reality, and constantly carry out reform and innovation, so as to improve management level, and promote the rapid and stable development of workshop safety management.

In short, the safety management of the workshop is in a very important position in the safety management of the enterprise. Only when the safety work of the workshop is done well, the safety work of the enterprise can be guaranteed. Shijiazhuang Donghuan Malleable Iron technology Co., Ltd always adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", seriously carry out workshop safety production management, Achieve safe, efficient and rapid development.

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Post time: May-07-2024