How to solve and prevent the casting defects?

Casting iron fittings often produces various casting defects in the production process. Now Shijiazhuang donghuan malleable iron technology co.,ltd tell you how to prevent such defects has always been a problem that casting manufacturers are concerned about.

The production workshop mainly uses the traditional green sand casting process to produce steel castings. In the long-term production, it is found that the following casting defects mainly occur in the steel castings, such as sand holes, sticking sand, pores, holes, sand inclusion and scarring, swelling, sand these.

1. Preventive measures for trachoma:

(1) Strictly control the performance of molding sand;

(2) Before closing the box, solve the floating sand on the surface of the concave mold and the sand core neatly and stably close the box;

(3) Set up appropriate and effective pouring system software;

(4) the surface layer of the pouring cup should be smooth and clean, and there can be no floating sand.

2. Preventive measures for sand sticking

(1) Use sand with high fire resistance;

(2) Moderately reduce the pouring temperature and increase the pouring rate;

(3) The compactness of the sand mold should be high (generally more than 85) and well-proportioned;

(4) Select architectural coatings that do not crack at high temperatures and do not sinter into molten holes.

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Post time: Aug-01-2022