Pipe clamps fittings

Malleable iron pipe clamps fittings used to connect steel tubing, different rang of fittings can combined with standard tubing enables the users to create any structure imaginable for use in all manner of industries, such as handrail fittings ,shelving ,outdoor sport, monkey bars and more .Instead of the orginal welding method, the tube can be quickly connected with only a simple allen key, which is more simple and convenient.
Material:ASTM A 197
Surface:Hot dip galvanized /Electroplating

Pipe Clamp size Nominal Bore Outside Diameter
T21 1/2’’ 21.3mm
A27 3/4’’ 26.9mm
B34 1’’ 33.7mm
C42 1-1/4’’ 42.4mm
D48 1-1/2’’ 48.3mm
E60 2’’ 60.3mm

Post time: Jan-25-2021