Regulator warns of the danger of Suzi coils in the braking system.

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After the National Heavy Vehicle Regulatory Agency (NHVR) warned, the use of “suzi coils” for trailer brakes in some cases was a little overcast.
An alarm is issued when the following event occurs: The plastic-wrapped brake system air hose (usually called a suzi coil) falls off in a specific combination.
The national regulatory agency said in the safety announcement: “To ensure that the accidentally disconnected trailer can be stopped within the shortest possible distance, NHVR strongly recommends that no Suzie coil is installed on trailers other than semi-trailers.”
“Traditional rubber hoses are more suitable for these applications because they do not stretch and deform like suzi coils.
“This usually allows the emergency brake to be used faster, hoping to minimize the damage that these trailers may cause.”
The purpose of the announcement is to emphasize the danger of inappropriately using suzi coils to supply air to the brake system on self-supporting trailers (such as dog, pig or tag trailers) that use the “A” type connection system.
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Post time: Feb-20-2021