Summary of fire protection knowledge and safety training

On May 12th, our company held a fire protection knowledge training. In response to various firefighting knowledge, the fire teacher demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers, escape ropes, fire blankets, and fire flashlights.

The fire-fighting teacher gave a clear and detailed explanation from four aspects through strong and shocking fire videos and vivid cases.

1. Emphasize the importance of improving safety awareness from the cause of the fire;

2. From the perspective of fire hazards in daily life, it is necessary to strengthen the study of fire protection knowledge;

3. Master the method and performance of using fire extinguishing equipment;

4. Self-rescue and escape skills at the fire scene and the timing and methods of initial firefighting, with emphasis on fire escape knowledge, and a detailed introduction to the structure and use of dry fire extinguishers.

Through this training, fire safety management should be “safety first, prevention first”. The training also strengthened the staff’s response ability and self-protection in emergency situations.


Post time: May-20-2021